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Can I Grow Pothos Outside

Pothos plants are known for their beauty and ease of growing. These are commonly used as indoor as well as outdoor plants. Growing these plants in an Outdoor environment makes them appropriately grown.

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Can pothos grow outside?

Pothos plants are usually habitual in an indoor environment. Can you grow pothos outside? or what will be the result if you grow pothos outside?

It is crucial to know the answer to these questions for the proper growth and nourishment of your plant.

Indeed sunlight is essential for the growth of not only pothos but also for every type of indoor growing plant. You must know the possible side effects of growing pothos outside and the benefits.

Why should pothos grow outside?

This is a thing to know why should pothos grow outside. If it is important to do so then you must go ahead and try this for benefit of your plant.


When you keep pothos outside, the first and foremost benefit they receive is rainwater directly. It means that rainwater is good for plants. You can feel the difference and benefit of keeping the pothos plant outside when they receive direct rainwater.

Here, this thing raises the question in my mind whether the tap water is safe for my plants or not?

Tap water contains several chemicals like chlorine and fluoride that are surely harmful to plants. You can save the plants from these chemicals by using distilled water or boiled water.

Enjoy a nutrient-rich soil

Growing pothos in a pot makes them more happy and rich in nutrients as compared to the open ground. Therefore, try to keep and grow these fastly growing plants in a pot so a constant supply of nutrient-rich soil is always available to them.

Make a routine of giving fertilizer to your plants after 6 months. Extra fertilization can also deteriorate stem growth.

Bright, pure sunlight

This is an important fact regarding plants’ growth that shortage of sunlight exposure retard their growth. Some people grow these plants indoors so that they cannot receive a proper sunlight supply.

Try to give plants direct exposure to sunlight for a limited duration. Also, make sure that your plants receive an adequate amount of sunlight for their proper growth.

Disadvantages of growing pothos outside

Pothos are usually sensitive plants but they can withstand neglect for a limited time. For proper growth and nourishment, it is necessary to supply appropriate care.

Here are some cons related to pothos grown outside. Must be aware of them to prevent plant damage.

Pothos get sunburn

Some plants require a direct supply of sunlight but pothos are excluded from the list of such plants. Pothos are sensitive to direct sunlight. If you keep these plants under direct sunlight or try to grow them outside, it would be possible that pothos gets a sunburn.

Attack of pets

Outdoor growing plants are the best and a favorite site for pets attack. Keeping pothos outside would result in their damage very soon.

If you cannot grow these plants indoors then a strict check is required to keep them away from pets. Moreover, you can also use the pet’s repellent to grow them properly.

Leaves start to turn brown

The first sing and symptoms you receive after keeping the pothos outside are their leaves begin to turn yellow and brown.

Their growth begins to retard. These plants always remain thirsty and extra watering can lead to pungent plants.


Related Questions, You Can Ask!

Can you grow pothos outside?

Pothos are indeed sensitive plants. It is necessary for their proper and safe growth that an indirect and medium supply of light is received to them.

Growing them in direct sunlight can make their leaves turn yellow and brown at the edges. Their stomata will remain close to meeting the water requirements. When stomata are closed, photosynthesis can not proceed to result in a plant’s death.

Make sure that pothos receives an adequate amount of sunlight. Keep them near a window where plants receive filtered light.

Can golden pothos grow outside?

Pothos plants are known as climbing plants. For example when you grow these plants near a tree, so when they start growing they begin to wrap themself around the tree. Moreover, you have also seen these plants in an office or a backyard where these plants are folded many times or wrapped around a specific place or area.

It shows that pothos is habitual to the dappled morning light. They can also tolerate fluorescents light easily and grow happily.

Can pothos grow outside in Arizona?

You can grow pothos in a warmer environment like Arizona, but should not exceed 85°F for a longer duration.

Indeed pothos plants are habitual to a warmer environment but there are some temperature ranges in which these plants can grow properly. Never expose them to direct sunlight for a longer duration as they can easily get sunburn. 

Can my pothos grow outside in the summer?

Pothos are sensitive to direct sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight makes them dead more easily and fastly. In summer, when the intensity of sunlight is greater than on normal days.

When you grow pothos plants outside in summer, It would result in their complete damage. Make sure that these plants receive a medium and indirect exposure to sunlight. Try to keep them near a window where they receive filtered sunlight.

Do pothos like direct sunlight?

As mentioned above many times, full exposure to sunlight should be avoided in the case of pothos plants. Their foliage is sensitive to direct sunlight.

Direct exposure to sunlight can result in the yellowing and browning of leaves. One thing other than that they become pungent and smelly due to extra watering in case of direct exposure to sunlight.

Try to keep these plants in medium sunlight. Morning sun falls and late after sun rays are best for pothos plants. You can also keep them in direct sunlight for a few hours. Long-time exposure to direct sunlight can make damage easier.

Another important thing to be mentioned regarding sun exposure is the transition from direct to indirect light. When you keep them mostly in light or medium environments and sudden exposure to direct sunlight can make them prone to damage.

Where how to keep pothos outside?

I thought that this thing occupies an important position regarding the care of pothos. When you are growing pothos outside then you must know the tips and precautionary measures for their proper growth.

  • Proper watering:  Make sure that your plant should have a constant supply of water. Always water them when the ground is dry. Don’t exceed the water quantity. This thing makes them pungent and weak stems.
  • Fertilization: Pothos plants also need a sprinkle of fertilizers for their proper growth. Feed your plants with fertilizer after every 6 months.
  • Light:  Pothos plants need direct sunlight. Direct exposure to sunlight makes them damaged. Leaves begin to turn brown and yellow. They require a medium-light for their growth.

Temperature requirement for pothos

Pothos plants thrive best in warmer temperatures of range 60 to 85 degrees F. This is the maximum temperature range for proper growth.

The minimum temperature range is 50 degrees F. Growing pothos at such temperature can result in tissue damage and it is unlike to save your plant at that time.

One Last Thing!

Pothos are known as climbing plants which are important in their beauty. Whenever you grow them near a tree, they will claim around it to fulfill the space requirement for growth.

These plants can be grown easily and require no special care for their growth. They can also with stand neglect for fey days.

Tyr to avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Water them regularly. Give them essential care for the proper growth.

Hope this article will be useful for you. Do share with your friends and family.

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