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Can You Use Cactus Soil For Other Plants?

Cactus soil is an ideal choice for all succulents. This soil is specially designed for them. The cactus soil makes the dry and mimics the environment for the cactus plant. Usually, cactus plants live in a dry and nutritious environment. Therefore cactus soil is made for succulents and other indoor plants that do not require water and moisture.

Here is a question can you use cactus soil for other plants or not? In this article, we will discuss all the issues and solutions to using cactus soil for other plants.

Can you use cactus soil for other plants?


Cactus soil can be used for plants other than succulents. Cactus soil is usually for succulents or indoor plants that like to live in a dry environment. So if you are using cactus soil for other plants, you have to adjust the soil to provide enough nutrition, and aeration to the plant. After adjustment, it will provide your plants with a well-drained and nutritious environment.

It will be a good idea to use the cactus soil as the base of your plant’s soil. While the rest of the pot is filled with potting mix, perlite, and peat moss.

Usually, it is a little bit difficult to calculate or make a final result that which type of soil is good for plants and which is not. Different plants have different requirements. Therefore they require their growing media according to their growing demands.

Cactus soil

Cactus soil is also known as succulent potting mix soil. It is a type of soil that is especially for the shallow succulent root system. It is the best type of soil that can be used for cactus plants, succulents plants, and bonsai plants. As cacti grow in a dry environment that’s why their soil also contains some inorganic materials such as stones and coarse sand.

You can use this cactus soil also for other regular indoor plants as well, after making some adjustments according to the demands of regular plants.

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Components of cactus soil

Cactus soil is also known as cacti mix usually contains some inorganic materials like

  • Stones, for improved drainage and some weight
  • Gravel, For proper aeration
  • Perlite, for promoting soil structure and also removing the excessive mositure.
  • Coarse sand, water drainage and provide air spaces.
  • Compost, for microbe growth.

Potting soil for plants

The potting soil features depend upon the type of plants you are going to thrive or cultivate. Different plants need different types of soil for their growth such as drainage of soil and nutrition. Some plants like to thrive in soil having enough air space. Some plants thrive well in wet and humid soil.

You can use silt clay and sand to change the texture of the soil for the other regular plants such as:

  • Slit: Packed with  nutrients for your plant,  but retains its moisture for long periods
  • Sand: Purely included to improve plant drainage and air circulation
  • Clay: Not much nutrients, but they still retain moisture for longer periods when compared with sand

Moreover, the indoor plants usually like more drained soil for the escape from excessive water to save them from root rot.

Difference between cactus soil and potting mix soil?

It is necessary to know a little difference between these two soil as it is used for different varieties of plants that differ from one another. Cactus soil is made for cacti plants that live in a dry environment and other plants usually don’t like dry environments. Some adjustments have to be made to make it suitable for plants other than succulents.

Irrigation in cactus soil

Cactus and other succulents live in a dry environment. They love such types of soil that should not retain water. So for the growth of cactus and succulents, it is important to have soil that drains well and does not hold excessive water. That’s why growing cactus and succulents in such soil that retain water mean giving them root rot. Don’t grow them in such soil that does not provide the loss of water or retain water.

Irrigation in potting soil

On the other hand, some house plants love a cool and humid environment. They require soil that retains water and moisture for a few days. Hence growing house plants in such soil that does not retain water and loses excessive water is not good for them as it can lead to the burning of plants and leaves. So that’s why potting soil does not require the same level of drainage when compared cactus soil.


The potting soil contains most of the organic components. The benefit of this organic component is that they contain more nutrients as compared to the cactus soil. The more the organic components, the more the nutrients. Bu the cactus soil contains inorganic components that have the least amount of nutrients in them.

However, most indoor plants can thrive in soil that has well-draining nutrients while the cacti and succulents live in a dry environment with a minimal amount of nutrients.


Cactus and succulent live in a dry environment therefore cactus soil do not contain more air space or drainage. Indoor plants cannot grow in soil that does not have aeration or air spaces for drainage. Therefore you can add some components to improve the aeration of the soil for indoor plants. Improved aeration helps your plants to grow more happily as it provides more oxygen for their growth.

One  Last Thing!

Here we have explained all aspects of using the cactus soil for the indoor plants. Mixing potting mix soil with cactus soil provides an excellent texture for your plants. This mixture of soil provides excellent drainage, aeration, and texture to your plants. But before doing this must take care of the requirement of growing plants.

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