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Do Monsteras like humidity

Do Monsteras like Humidity?

Do Monstera s like humidity?

The answer is very simple and easy. Yes, Monsteras like humidity for their growth. They are largely tropical plants and a humid environment is necessary for their growth. But when humidity is not available, these plants begin to die, leaves turn yellow, and begin to bend down.

Table of content:

  • What are Monsteras?
  • Know much more about humidity
  • Importance of humidity.
  • Do Monsteras like humidity?
  • How can check the humidity level?
  • Know the ways for raising the humidity level in your home.

What are Monsteras?

Largely tropical plants originated from rainforest areas. They grow in a cool and humid place.

Their leaves are broad, vibrant, and distorted with a distinct pattern. They have perforated and divided leaves as their distinctive feature.

As a fastly growing plant, it requires no special care for its growth. These plants can grow so rapidly therefore known as American climbing plants as climb up to 60feet high.

Their main requirement for growth is a cool and humid environment that can be easily provided by checking the humidity in your home. If the humidity level in your home is below the range then here we will also discuss the ways how to increase the humidity level of your home.


Humidity is the amount of water vapors in the air. More the cool weather more the humidity and vice versa.

humidity is necessary for tropical as well as indoor plants because it can:

  • Enhance growth.
  • Eliminate pets
  • Alleviate allergies.
  • Make plants rich in nutrients.

Importance of humidity

Humidity provides moisture to plants. Tropical plants need humidity for their proper growth and synthesizing food.

When the humidity level is low

It would result in the closing of stomata in order to conserve the water level in the plant. So plant closes its stomata and curls at that time.

Stomata are small pores in the plant’s upper surface that are involved in the exchange of carbon dioxide and water between environments.

When stomata are close plants cannot synthesize their food. Plants need carbon dioxide, sunlight, oxygen, and water for food manufacturing. It is also involved in processes like photosynthesis which is again a food manufacturing procedure for plants.

So when stomata are the close plant cannot synthesize their food and cannot release oxygen/ carbon dioxide. These gases begin to accumulate in plants.

Humidity is also important for human beings not only plants. Less humidity can cause dry skin and itching in human beings. It can also make your eyes dry and patchy skin. So try to maintain humidity level not only for plants but also for yourself.

When the humidity level is high

When the humidity level is high. it will result in higher water vapors in the air. An increase in water vapor results in decreased evaporation via transportation. High humidity can cause fungal and bacterial leaves.

Do Monsteras like humidity

Do Monesteras like the humidity?

These tropical plants like to grow in a cool and humid environment as it is their habit. Try to provide these plants with their require humid level then they will grow as tall as they can.

The ideal humid level for Monsteras is 60 – 80%. But they can survive in a household humid level of 40 – 60%.

Now it is necessary to check the humidity level at your house. In this article, you will also learn how to check the humidity level at home.

Check the humidity level at home

If you don’t know the humidity level at home and at the same time your plants are getting dull day by day so first check for humidity.

  • Ice cube testing

This method provides you not 100% results but is an effective method to check the humidity level at home by easy method.

  • Place a few cubes of ice in a water glass.
  • Place this glass at a place where your Monsteras are growing or at a place where you want to check the humidity levels.
  • After five minutes, check the water glass.
  • If there are many water vapors outside the glass surface then it indicates a higher humidity level.
  • But vapors are low then it means humidity is below average.
  • Hygrometer testing

A hygrometer is a device that is used to calculate the water vapors in a given area. It comes in different styles such as hand-carry or wall-mounted but their purpose is the same in either style.

If you don’t know how to measure humidity from a hygrometer then follow the steps:

  • Put the hygrometer at a place where you want to check the humidity or where your Monsteras are growing.
  • Turn on the machine and wait until it starts working.
  • Measure the reading for one to two hours. 
  • Record the minimum and maximum reading.
  • Before reading, it is necessary to fix the units in which you want the reading.
  • Make sure that your hygrometer is wall-mounted to keep it safe from damage or any harm.

Do Monsteras like humidity

Check whether your Monsteras needs humidity or not

It is most important to check that either your Monsteras are receiving the required humidity or not. If they are showing any of the symptoms it means that their humidity level is below the required range or level at your home.

  • Their leaves are turning yellow and brown at the tips
  • Foliage is bending down.
  • Curling and rolling of leaves.
  • Not growing properly
  • Lack of freshness and crunch.
  • Absorbing too much water
  • Stunted roots.

How to increase humidity at home?

Increased or required humidity level is not beneficial for plants but also for human beings as discussed above.

Low humidity in plants can retard their growth. Making the plants prone to infection and beginning to die.

Human beings living in low humid places can result in dry and chapped skin and will increase the electricity in your clothes. Lips and eyes turned dry.

It is necessary to raise the humid level in your home for your plant’s safety as well as yours.

  • Collect the plants in one place

It will be beneficial regarding the raising of humidity. Place all the plants in one place. If you have a garden in your home then it will be best to keep them all together.

Also, keep a bowl of water near them because this thing enhances the humidification process. It will not so much use but can be helpful when you have too many plants in your home.

  • Chose a more humid place in your home

Yes, if you have low humidity in your home then it will be useful to choose one place that is more humid such as the kitchen or washroom.

After taking shower in your washroom, keep the door open. Boil a bowl of water in your kitchen as these things enhance the humidity process. As more vapors evaporate, a more humid environment will develop.

  • Put a pebble tray

  • In this method, take pebbles from your home and keep them in a tray.
  • put water in this tray below the top layer of pebbles.
  • Now put the plants over this tray.
  • This method mostly doesn’t seem good to some people as it will invite some water-loving pets to infect your plants.
  • Use two pots

It is a very attractive and aesthetic method.

  • In this method, take two pots. Put the small pot into the big one and keep the plants in a small pot.
  • Fill the water in-between spaces.
  • This method is just like pebbles but more valuable.


It is one of the most important steps toward increasing the humidity of your home.

This machine work on the method that you locate a place where you want to increase the humidity or where your plants are gathered together.

When water runs out from this machine it automatically shut down. Power will be needed to operate this machine.

If you have the budget then should buy a good quality machine that creates less noise and work better.

One Last Thing!

Monsters are no doubt Fastly growing plants. It requires no special care for its growth. They are tropical and rainforest plants that love to have a humid and cool place. when you give them such a cool environment they grow so much tall even 60 feet high.

Moreover, humidity is also necessary for human beings. Take care of yourself along with your plants.

Plants and gardens are no doubt precious capital for our nation, country, and our beloved one.

Have a Good Day in your Garden?


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