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How Often To Water Money Tree( Perfect solution)

The money tree is a perfect indoor growing plant for beginners. It provides your home with a complete tropical feel. It is native from Mexico to northern South America. These trees have a braided stem and bright green palm-looking leaves. That’s why this plant also resembles a tree and a plan also.

Money tree got its name from people’s beliefs that it brings good luck and positive energies to home. It is also heard that the money tree reduces stress, and anxiety, and improves sleeping disorders.

How often to water the money tree?

In order to provide your plant with a healthy life, it is necessary that you should provide essential nutrients. Water is most important in all of these required essentials. If you want to make your water tree happy then create a schedule to water them regularly. Don’t let the soil dry therefore water them once every week.

How much water supply does the money tree need?

Unlike orchids and other indoor growing plants, money plants do not need much water. They remain healthy and good at water supply once every 2 to 3 weeks. But it is more beneficial to water every week.

Overwatered money tree

In case of overwatering, you will receive some signs and symptoms. Overwatered plants are shriveled. As excessive water can cause the bruising of leaves. Moreover, excessive water can also be a big reason for root rot. Overwatering can block the supply of oxygen to the roots of plants and hence also stop the supply of essential nutrients to the plants.

Care needed by a money tree

In spite of proper watering, some specific care is also needed by the money tree for its proper growth.

  • Proper watering

  • Soil

  • Humidity

  • Temperature

Proper watering:

This is how you can make your money tree happy. Although proper watering is good and necessary bt excessive watering can diverse the effects.

Your money tree needs watering regularly. It is useful to water them weekly to avoid the problem of neglecting them. You should provide 3 to 6 ounces ( 3 tablespoons of water) every week.


It is the most important requirement of a money tree for its good growth. Potting soil must be nutrient-rich to ensure the desirable growth of your plant.

It is recommended that you provide nutrient-rich potting mix soil to plants during growth time. When plants have germination time, nutrients are essential for them.


Money tree does well in a humid environment. If your house is low in humidity then try to maintain the level of humidity for your plants. It is recommended that keep the door of the washroom open after taking bath so that a little increased level of humidity does good for plants. You can also place the tree over the pebble tray so that humidity is maintained.


Mostly money tree does well at cold temperatures. The temperature required by the money tree is 65 to 75 Fahrenheit. But one good thing is that they can withstand the neglect of temperature. 10 degrees temperature below their ideal range can be bearable for them.

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