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LED Grow Lights For Indoor Plants | Can LED Lighting Help Plants Grow?

Light conditions in your home aren’t the ideal light exposure for many houseplants. Sometimes, they’ll need that extra boost of light that LED lights can offer.

As a lover of plants, you may know that plants thrive in bright conditions. This usually means placing your plant in rooms that receive a lot of daily sunlight. In fact, receiving light is crucial for allowing your plants to photosynthesize.

The wavelengths of PAR – Photosynthetically Active Radiation region – are essential for plant growth and LED Grow Light plays a key role in this entire process.

The amazing and hard-working day-to-day of a hobby grower isn’t just about the grower’s love you pour down into your indoor growing crops and then pray for amazing yields.

It begins with good and solid plant science that will help growers grow more efficiently.

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Difference between Natural light and LED lights

Natural light, which produces heat and color, comes from the radiation given off by the sun. It is then filtered through the Earth’s atmosphere and absorbed by plants. Artificial light sources can consist of a filament that uses electricity or halogen gas to glow or an electronic device that emits light.

Benefits of LED lights

Here are some benefits of LED lights:
  • Long Lifespan.
  • Energy Efficiency. …
  • Improved Environmental Performance.
  • The Ability to Operate in Cold Conditions.
  • No Heat or UV Emissions.
  • Design Flexibility.
  • Instant Lighting and the Ability to Withstand Frequent Switching.
  • Low Voltage Operation.

LED lights for Plants

Some plants will absolutely adapt to indoor growing conditions and thrive, despite not receiving as much light as they would if they were grown outdoors.

Other plants, however, struggle because the natural light they get exposed to indoors is simply not cutting it for them.

LED lighting for plants to grow

An LED Grow Light is an energy-efficient fixture, used as a single or as a supplemental light source for indoor growing or greenhouse, respectively. Its efficiency applies to its ability in converting electricity into useful photons that fall in the PAR region of the spectrum.

Afford LED Grow Light has a higher initial investment compared to the HPS fixtures but in the long term, applying LED Grow Lights, will take advantage which makes them more appealing.

SZHLUX 4000W LED Grow Light


  • Energy consumption:  SZHLUX LED Grow Lights utilize the latest in high yielding LEDs technology, high Energy Efficiency with 2.7 Umol/J, and delivers a powerful light output. Uniform canopy penetration to resulting maximum higher yields. Consuming only 400W with 864 LEDs! It saves up to 50% more energy than other quantum board-led grow lights. The effective footprint is 6 x 6 ft (your hanging height may also affect the footprint area
  • Switch Design: Double switches let you can control 3 or 6 lights separately to adjust the brightness of the light. Which is more convenient to operate than the ordinary dimmable remote control. Preventing inefficient plant growth caused by improper adjustment.
  • Shape: Trapezoid-Shape and SanAn 1W LEDs for the larger luminous area than T5 and T8 led plant light
  • Sunlight Full Spectrum:  Infinite close to sunlight wave for plants, over 95% light energy can be absorbed by plants. White, blue, red, and IR (3000K, 5000K, 660nm, and IR 730nm). 3000K provides more reddish light and 5000K provides more blueish. Especially 5000k blue light promotes seedling growth, the 660nm red and 730nm IR light is most useful for plant photosynthesis, promotes plant flowering and fruiting, increases yield and crop quality
  • Noise-Free and Amazing Heat Dissipation:  Professional fanless design will make your growing life easy and quiet, quickly heat dispersing aluminum shell and reflector reducing light lost to aisles and walls, increasing the light intensity up to 20%, allowing your plants to receive more energy and without burning for maximum lighting headroom.
  • Reliability: 2 years warranty plus 30 days Money Back Guarantee for any products from our official channel, if you need to change the light beads or part of the light, please feel free to contact us based on our reliable customer service.


  • UV Rays harmful to human beings
  • High functionality is difficult for a normal person.

AeroGarden Bounty Basic


  • Aero garden growth rate: AeroGarden Bounty Basic hydroponic garden grows up to 9 of your favorite herbs, veggies, or flowers indoors and year-round, without soil.
  • full spectrum of light: 30W LED grow light gives your plants the full spectrum of light they need to grow quickly – up to 5x faster than in soil.
  • Automatic lighting timer: The automatic lighting timer and touchscreen control panel allow for easy upkeep, while vacation mode keeps your plants healthy while you’re out of town.
  • Height: Adjustable grow the height of 24″ and has a large water bowl and grow deck.
  • Includes the Gourmet Herbs Seed Pod Kit: Includes the Gourmet Herbs Seed Pod Kit, featuring Genovese Basil (2), Curly Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Thai Basil, Mint, Chives, and Italian Parsley.


  • UV rays are harmful to the human eyes.

Feit Electric – Grow Light for Indoor Plants 


  • GROW MORE WITH LESS: Designed to replace traditional greenhouse lighting, our LED Grow Lights deliver superior growing results using less electricity than traditional horticulture lighting.
  • Our LED Grow Lights are ideal for greenhouse, horticulture, hydroponic or aquaponics planting, and indoor gardening. The lights emit spectrum wavelengths and color for the appropriate photosynthetic response.
  • KEY FEATURES: This energy-efficient LED grow light is 24 inches and is ideal for hydroponic planting. It’s ideal for all phases of indoor plant growth emitting the spectrum wavelengths and color for a better photosynthetic response. This bulb uses 60 watts of energy.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Lightweight durable polycarbonate housing makes for easy installation and includes a 5-foot cord, housing socket to link 8 fixtures, 2 mounting screws, and two 6-inch hanging cables.
  • Low heat emission vs. replacements, so no burning of leaves, less impact on costs to maintain temp needed for a healthy environment for plants.
  • LED TECHNOLOGY: The latest energy-efficient LED technology uses considerably less amount of power, with an estimated energy efficiency of 80%-90%, and saves your money compared with the equivalent incandescent light.
  • Compared over the life of the bulb, the long-life LED bulbs are rated to provide up to 25, 000 hours of reliable light and require significantly less maintenance work. LED lights are much cooler than incandescent lights as 95% of the energy in LEDs is converted into light and only 5% is wasted as heat.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHTING: Founded and headquartered in California, Feit Electric is celebrating 40 years as a leading global lighting manufacturer. From outdoor string lights to night lights.
  • Feit Electric offers its customers a full portfolio of reliable lighting products including home décor lighting collections, light fixtures, and smart.  feature-rich high-performance lighting solutions as well as a full line of general household, and specialty light bulbs in all shapes, sizes, and configurations.


  • Producing electric light is more harmful than UV rays.
  • Space consuming.

iPower Full Spectrum Clip Plant Growing Lamp


  • Auto ON/OFF & timing function: 3 options-4h/8h/12h. When keeping power, it can automatically turn on and off every day according to your settings, no more manual operation for you.
  • White Light: Equipped with 10 Red + 74 White LEDs, the growing light is similar to the full-spectrum sunlight at noon, which is professionally designed for indoor garden plants.
  • 3 modes & 5 dimmable levels: 5 dimmable levels of brightness to adjust grow light intensity for different stages of plant growth. 3 modes timing function: 4/8/12H.
  • Sturdy & flexible neck: The grow lights for seed starting with a 360-degree flexible neck and with an anti-slip clamp allow you to adjust the angle and distance between the lamp and plants which provides more efficient illumination light for more plants at the same time.
  • Eco-friendly & easy to use: Mercury-free, no UV or IR. No harm to the environment and your family. The led growing light has a USB connector which makes it convenient to connect.


  • Ultraviolet rays are harmful to the eyes and children.
  • Little harmful to the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

 Are LED lights good for plants?


LED lights are useful for plants. Offering low energy usage low heat and color optimized for growth. LED lights are the most efficient, effective, and customer-friendly way to grow plants at home than growing with fluorescent lights or incandescent lights 

Is  LED light good for plants?

LED lights imply an initial investment of greater scale than for example HID lights. However, in the medium/long term this higher initial investment will be profitable and this will mean cost savings.

How to use LED grow lights for indoor plants?

LED grows lights should be placed from 14 to 30 inches above the plants. One of the biggest advantages of using LEDs is that they put off so little heat. So you can place them close to your plants without worrying about burning them.

Last Words

There was a brief description of LED lights for growing indoor plants. Hope this article will be useful regarding the light care of plants. Here is another article regarding the information on light requirements of other plants such as the effect of sunlight on plants sunburnt monstera

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