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pothos sunburn

How To Save Pothos sunburn? (Here Is Official solution2022)

Pothos plants are commonly and easily grown plans all over the world. These plants are famous for their beauty and ease of growing. Pothos are evergreen plants and have waxy-shaped foliage with yellow splashes and streaking.  They can climb by the means of aerial roots that’s why these plants are known as  Hanging plants.

Here the question is why do pothos get sunburn? Why do their leaves turn brown? Is there any proper place for their growth?

Let’s have a look at them.

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Can Pothos Get Sunburn?

Pothos can easily get sunburn. These plants can grow well in bright, indirect light, and low light. It is recommended regarding pothos that they should be grown only in medium light.

Here are a few reasons for pothos sunburn.

Improper Temperature

. Pothos grow in light and low sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight can result in yellowing of the foliage.

If you want to protect pothos from browning and yellowing, chose such a place for them where the sunlight contact is low. They grow well in sunlight only for 12 – 14 hours. Put them in a cool place for their proper growth.

Extra Nourishment(watering)

Overwatering pothos can result in yellowing and browning of leaves. This will also cause their leaves to become soft and limp. They will utilize their required water but extra watering will result in stagnant and smelly plants. Brown spots and blisters also began to appear on it. A combination of yellow and brown leaves is the indication for overwatering.

To protect the pothos, water them once a week in warmer months and once in two weeks in colder months. Pothos grow well when their soil is moist and dry but avoid overwatering.


When extra nitrogen is provided to plants it will result in the spindle, frail stems. Pothos foliage began to grow more abundantly but their stems are frail and fragile. Roots’ growth is also stunted which will result in less support to the plant.

The effect of excess nitrogen is that plants begin to die.

Another Reason For Burnt Pothos

Disease (bacterial infection)

If you are providing the required sunlight, water, and nourishment but still this problem is occurring. It might be possible that some bacterial diseases cause the browning and yellowing of the foliage of pothos. It is a disease in which plant leaves turn brown and yellow. Brown and yellow spots began to occur on leaves. 

To avoid this bacterial infection provide proper nourishment, a humid environment along with  Neem oil( check Amazon link)

Ways To Save Burnt Pothos:

All the above discussed were the reasons and conditions for pothos burn and damage. They are sensitive plants. Any excessive care and nourishment can spoil their leaves and growth. Give them proper care and growing conditions to avoid their burnt.

How to avoid and protect pothos from sunburn. In this article, you will find a complete solution to this problem.

How To Save Burnt Pothos

          1-Keep in a shady place

Over lightning and direct exposure to sunrays can spoil their foliage as is discussed above. Overlight can result in brown and yellow leaves.

These plants grow in a cool place where the contact of the sun is low and medium. light temperature is the key to keeping them growing properly.  You can also keep them near a door or window where the temperature is medium. Light and moderate temperatures can save the already burnt pothos.

        2- Airy place

It is also crucial that your plants should grow in a humid, cool, and airy place where there is a proper passway of air. It is very common that plants are hot and require a cool place for growth.


Life is possible when the body has the required amount of water not only for humans but also for plants. In hot weather and summer, it is recommended that plants should be watered once every week in a month and once every two weeks in cold months.

you should water the plant with a mister (check Amazon lin). It watered the plant in the form of a splash so that the whole plant receive an equal shower.

            4- Fertilizer

when plants get insufficient fertilization (nutrients), their stem began to lose its strength and become easily suffers from bacterial infection. Pests and insecticides tend to attack more easily a sick plant.

Fertilizers are the nutrients of the plant. As pothos is a fast and fairly growing plant so it requires essential nutrients. Fertilizers are provided to plants in the form of nitrogen. For the best fertilizer, you can check the Amazon link.

             5- Cut the burnt leaves

When pothos get burnt their leaves become brown and yellow. These burnt foliage consume a handsome amount of nutrients hence leading to the death of healthy foliage.

Cut the burnt leaves carefully and properly by sterilizing sharp scissors from the stem(check the Amazon link). 

One Last Thing

Plants and trees are valuable capital for our country, nation, and our beloved one. Plant trees and garden as more as you can. They are a precious source of oxygen and a cool climate. If anyone wants to enjoy the cool weather and to avoid the farcing light of the sun then should plant trees.

Pothos is a fairly growing plant and it adds to the beauty of your home, offices, and backyard. They require no special protocol for them but provide a charming and attractive look to your surroundings.

Avoid too much light, water, and nutrient. Provide a proper passway for air and ventilation. These plants will give you back a very lovely environment.

It will also useful to read another article regarding good care of pothos such as what is best soil for pothos?




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