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What Is The Best Soil For Pothos?

Pothos plants are one of the beautiful plants we know for their beauty and foliage. It has dark green waxy heart-shaped foliage that adds to the charm and beauty of your homes and offices. These plants are evergreen plants and their foliage has green-colored splashes and is striking. They can climb by the means of aerial roots that’s why these plants are known as  Hanging plants.

If you have pothos plants in your home or your garden and you want them to thrive happily, so take care of their growing media such as soil. It is important to know which type of soil is preferable for pothos plants and in which they cannot make any growth.

In this article, we will discuss the best soil for pothos plants and which soil should be avoided.

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What is the best soil for pothos plants?

All types of pothos plants or Epipremnum aureum survive well in a well-drained potting mix. Compacted soil or a mixture of soils having not enough air pockets are not good for plants as they keep the root wet. Which can lead to root rot which is a serious plant issue.

A Well-drained, nutrient-rich and soil-providing aeration is the best type of soil for pothos plants. It is a good idea to take some indoor soil and add some perlite and sand to improve the drainage and aeration for pothos.

Pothos is a fastly growing plant and it requires a handsome amount of nutrients for its proper growth. So if you want your pothos to thrive heapily and more fastly, provide them a nutrient-rich soil during their growth period.

Well-drained soil is very important for plants’ healthy growth. Most gardeners and beginners overwater their plants which can lead to root rot. In this case, well-drained soil maintains the moisture level and releases excessive water.

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Types of well-drained soil for pothos plants  

You can make yourself the well-drained soil for pothos plants or can buy the pre-mixed well-drained soil. But it must be lightweight ample air spaces, and not dense.

Making your own soil mix for pothos

if you are making your own soil mix for pothos then you need a balanced mixture of all the required ingredients. These must be well-drained have ample air spaces and should not be heavy or dense which can cause root rot.


  • Vermiculite is a hydrated mineral that is used for water and nutrient absorption in plants, Improve the aeration of the soil.
  • Peat moss is a decomposed layer of soil that is usually found in bogs. It is used for Oxygen and water retention.
  • Perlite is a naturally occurring element of nature that mostly retains its shape. It has many air pockets and is used to absorb water quickly.
  • Sand is an easily available component. It is used to create extra drainage and air pockets.
  • Shredded Bark – adds air pockets and drainage
  • Compost – adds nutrients to the soil
  • Coco Air is an organic component that comes from the coconut tree. We can use it for absorbency, water retention, and drainage of potting mix. We often used it as a substitute for peat moss.

Recipe for soil mix

If you have all the required ingredients to make the potting mix soil then it will be quite easy to make well-drained soil that provides good air exchange.

  • 4 Parts Peat Moss or Coco Coir
  • 2 Part Perlite
  • 1 Part Vermiculite or sand
  • 1 Part shredded bark

Note: if you have made your potting mix then before applying this soil to your plants it is important to check the pH of the soil. Mostly pothos does not like acidic soil although they are picky but cannot survive in acidic soil. the pH of soil appropriate for pothos is 6.1 to 6.5.

Purchase a Pre Made mix soil for pothos

The easiest and most popular thing to do is to buy a Pre Made mix of soil from your near local garden. Look for components and compounds that contain perlite for improved aeration.

Pests attack pothos. So we recommended having such soil that is soilless which means this soil is sterile. It keeps the pests away from your plants. It is the perfect type of soil for your plants.

Soilless mixes are perfect for plants but these usually do not provide organic nutrients. In this soil, you have to add the nutrient on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Which type of soil is good for pothos?

Pothos usually love to live in a well-drained soil that provides proper aeration and should not be dense. These plants do not like wet soil which can cause root rot. So use such a soil that provides proper aeration.

 Coffee grounds for pothos are good or not?

Coffee grounds contain a high amount of nitrogen level. Nitrogen is not good for pothos as this element can cause the yellowing of leaves, brown tips and edges, and leaves look sunburnt. Therefore it is not a good idea to put the pothos around the coffee grounds especially when you want your pothos to grow fastly and happily.

Do Acidic soil good for pothos or not?

It is necessary to know about the type of soil best for pothos. The potting soil in which pothos are growing must have a pH that is perfect for pothos.

Pothos usually like acidic soil For them and they do best in acidic soil. Many people thought that using a high amount of phosphorus also does the same purpose.

If you know that your garden soil is not acidic then try to use a pre-mixed potting mix soil for your plants as it is acidic. This soil is perfect for pothos as made especially for pothos plants.

Can I use cactus soil for pothos?

Pothos are such types of plants that strive well in well-drained potting soil. On the other hand, cactus soil is not good for the pothos plant as it cannot retain water hence it also loses moisture causing the plant to live in an underwater situation. Cactus soil causes pothos to not get the amount of water that they require to thrive.

Can we use Miracle Go soil for pothos plants?

Miracle Go soil is the best type of soil for pothos plants. It provides all the featured qualities that are necessary for pothos. We made it perfect for plants that like to thrive in a well-drained environment like pothos.

Can we use garden soil for pothos?

Garden soil could potentially be a good option for potting mix, as it is an organic material that will provide enough nutrients for the roots of your plant. However, garden soil can sometimes have fungus or pests on it which could infect your pothos plant and cause it to die.

One Last Thing!

Hence it has clearly explained which type of soil is good for pothos. Whether it is homemade or pre-mix potting mixing must have proper nutrients and air spaces so that excessive water should keep escaping from the plant’s roots. Should use such type of soil that prevents the plants from root rot by releasing the excessive water and keeping them hydrated.

Hope this article will be useful for you and must have the answer to your problem. Don’t feel shy to leave a comment. Do share it with your friends and fellows as you receive it.

Have a good day!

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